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Steve Griffith - Curator at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

About Stephen Griffith

I have been the Horticultural manager/Curator for Abbotsbury SubTropical Gardens since taking over after massive storm damage back in 1990. The gardens trustees wanted a fresh new 10 year development plan to revive this historic yet overgrown and neglected garden, to improve the plant content, infrastructure, interpretation and tourism aspects – Prior to Abbotsbury I have been designing and restoring landscapes and gardens in diverse places such as Saudi Arabia, South of France, Sark C.I, Cotswolds and the New Forest. I also lead garden tours world wide, write articles and the odd book. Professional bodies – I am a member of the RHS woody plant committee, M.I Hort, International Camellia Society.

31Dec 13

A New Year Dawns

  It is New Years eve and I am the only sole in the garden today. It's just 8 am and its still quite dark as I take a quiet stroll through the woodland. Last nights fresh gale has strewn the debris of dead twigs and leaves all over the…

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04Nov 13

‘last of the summer vine’

As the summer colour fades in the garden and the herbaceous borders begin to draw in the last of the autumn sun, there is an air of decline about the garden which always instills in me a sense of melancholy as the shorter days and dismal winter darkness sets in.…

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28Aug 13

High Summer in the garden

People often ask me why is Abbotsbury so successful at growing half hardy plants outside all year round without a  roof like the Eden Project down in Cornwall. Well, there is a sort of roof. We have hundreds of Holm Oak trees, Quercus ilex. They are evergreen and retain their leaves…

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24Jul 13

A touch of the Mediterranean

With summer temperatures rising, crops ripening and the herbaceous borders blooming, for once I got it wrong this year for booking a holiday  in sunny Greece when it has been 30 C  back here !! But to paint the scene, at 6 am every morning the owner of our rented…

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