New Plant List

We don’t produce an annual printed catalogue any more –  it proved impossible to keep it up to date as plants came and went so quickly during the season.

However now we have this new website we thought it would be helpful to put a regular list of what we have growing on the Nursery online so you can see what is available. For speeds sake it is just a simple list but full descriptions of all the items on it are easy to find via the web. It will be updated regularly with any new additions or items sold out. It may develop into a fully descriptive list when there is time in the winter ‘off season’!

As it says on the list please do check with us before coming a long way to pick up any particular plant – we are a small nursery and many items are grown in low numbers only or sell out quickly during the summer. The nursery can always be contacted at  for up to the minute availability, descriptions and advice.

The list is a PDF so feel free to download it to read at leisure.

Plant List May ’15

Of course there are lots of other things available in the Plant Centre such as the Ferns that are grown for us by local specialists.

May 2015

Firstly apologies for the delay in writing another Blog entry – spring is our busiest time for plant production and the combination of two weeks of hot weather followed by a return to cold nights has kept us fully occupied potting, watering and moving plants in and out of polytunnels as the weather changes.

Spring is also one of the best times to visit our Plant Centre as we now have it fully stocked with some fantastic plants all looking fresh and ready to add to your garden. As usual we’re stocking the lovely plants from the Hairy Pot Plant Company which are grown in eco friendly coir pots and offer some great value hardy herbaceous varieties. Plus we have a large range of Herbs and some exciting new hardy ferns which are grown for us by a local specialist. Also new in is a good range of Bamboos and our new crop of Tree Ferns – Dicksonia antarctica – will be ready to go in the next few days.

From our own nursery there are also lots of exciting plants now ready from hardy shrubs to exotic, sub tropical bedding and we’re getting them out on sale as fast as possible. Plant of the moment has to be Euphorbia mellifera, the Honey Spurge from the Canary Isles. It’s a stunning evergreen shrub with emerald green foliage but at this time of year it’s the honey scented flowers that make it stand out. We sold out last year but have grown lots more this season so have plenty in stock.


The flowers may not look that exciting individually but the local bees love them!

Our second choice at the moment would be Olearia scilloniensis, commonly called the Daisybush. I see the RHS now call this Olearia stellulata but whatever the name it’s a great choice for a mass of spring flowers as the white daisies almost cover the silver grey foliage especially if you garden near the sea as it is both salt and exposure resistant.

DSCF3763  Plus it also comes in purple!

DSCF3762 This is Olearia Master Michael

Also new in this month are some beautiful new pots from Deroma in Italy including some unusual shapes in handmade terracotta. Perfect for a feature plant in your garden.

DSCF3758               DSCF3759

And we still have a great 20% discount on the last of the pots remaining from our previous supplier so still time to pick up a bargain.

Look forward to seeing you in the Plant Centre soon

March 2015

After some winter hibernation for both the plants and the staff the Plant Centre is back for a new season and, although the weather is still chilly, we’re busy getting stocked up with goodies for 2015. We’re still being a little cautious about putting plants out for sale as cold nights could catch us out but exciting things will be appearing every week as they put on new spring growth.

Here are a few photographs from our nursery with a small part of the stock we are growing on to sell this spring and summer. It’s busy time in the nursery with lots of seed sowing and potting to be done to produce enough for the coming season.


Aeoniums just potted and young Tree Ferns in our Propagation greenhouse



Young Banana plants and Gunneras – the giant Rhubarb

DSCF3727 DSCF3729






This year, for a change to Terracotta pots, we’ve got some beautiful wooden planters – made in the UK from tantalised timber and in 2 sizes. Either leave them to weather as they are or use wood stain to create your own unique colours – we’ll be having a go ourselves soon. As you can see a nice specimen plant looks great in one of the larger ones.


Finally just to mention a plant! This is Justicia rizzinii, the Brazilian Fuchsia, which is actually not related in any way to a Fuchsia! – so much for plant names. It’s a small evergreen shrub that has a fantastic display of red and yellow tubular flowers in late winter and spring. It does need protection so is perfect for a conservatory or a well sheltered part of a mild garden. On sale now – would look great in one of the wooden planters!


More plant news soon – we’ll look forward to seeing you at the Gardens.



September – still lots of late colour

Apologies for our lack of Blog posts this summer – it’s been a hectic time with many long,  hot days on the business end of a hosepipe and plants leaving us for new homes so quickly that there doesn’t seem to have been much time for blogging.

Now things have calmed down a little we’re getting stuck into a big tidy up in the nursery and, of course, already busy getting new plants propagated for next year.

Although those misty Autumn mornings seem to be here already there’s still a lot of lovely plants in flower in the Plant Centre. While the traditional Autumn planting season doesn’t really apply any more now that most plants are pot grown, it is still a perfect time now to do some late planting with warm weather and moist soil helping to get new plants established before the winter comes.

So after a quick trip to the Plant Centre with the camera this morning here are a few suggestions for some late summer colour in your garden – all easy, hardy and flowering well into late Autumn.

First up is Schizostylis coccinea ‘Major’ or, to be correct these days – Hesperantha coccinea ‘Major’. An easy, hardy perennial with grassy leaves and 60cm. stems of brilliant scarlet red flowers from now until October. Also good as a cut flower. And we have the beautiful pale pink form as well.


Next are the ever popular Japanese Anemones which give a fantastic display of delicate pink or white flowers at this time of year. We have several varieties available as good strong young plants.

For something big and ideal for the back of the border we have Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ – a tough perennial Sunflower which can grow to 2m. tall and has masses of small brilliant yellow flowers well into late Autumn. Only a few left now!




Finally a bit of unseasonal colour – we have some beautiful Bottle Brushes – Callistemon citrinus ‘Splendens’ – that are flowering now rather than their normal time of early summer. Who knows why! They also have lovely deep red young shoots and are big chunky plants that we repotted a few months ago.

Plus, as always, lots of other nice plants to get into your garden before we all go into winter hibernation. Look forward to seeing you in the Plant Centre soon.

June 22nd. – Agapanthus Time!

It hardly seems like nearly a month ago that I last updated our Plant Centre blog and most of that time seems to have been spent watering! Although the hot weather is great for our visitors it does mean dawn to dusk watering in the nursery and Plant Centre trying to keep everything looking good.

The warm spring and early summer has brought out the flowers of our Agapanthus a few weeks ahead of their normal flowering time this year so we have around a dozen cultivars looking great and ready to go – some old favourites and also some brand new ones. Here are a few pictures of some of the best.




Agapanthus ‘Silver Baby’ – a lovely dwarf cultivar with lots of white flowers with a blue edge to the petals. It always has lots of flower stems per plant.






Agapanthus ‘Phantom’ – a similar colour to Silver Baby but a big strong plant that produces 1m. high flower stems – a real winner!







Agapanthus ‘Regal Beauty’ – A big strong plant that produces tall stems of beautiful dark purple blue flowers.







Agapanthus ‘Navy Blue – still just in bud but our best seller. Hardy, lots of flowers and a stunning dark blue!




Also worth a mention now are the Hoherias – these are New Zealand endemics and are commonly named Lacebark or Ribbonwood. The Gardens has the National Collection of these beautiful evergreen shrubs and small trees and we have them in flower now in the Plant Centre. For a smaller garden you could choose Hoheria ‘Stardust’ which makes a large shrub and is covered in stunning white flowers now. Or, for something a bit bigger, go for Hoheria sexstylosa which will make a small tree also with a profusion of flowers covering the branches now. Pics below -




Hoheria ‘Stardust’







Hoheria sexstylosa




Finally just to say that we also have masses of beautiful perennials ready now from Asters to Verbenas with something new coming into bloom almost daily – do find the time to visit us before Wimbledon jinxes the good weather!