First Family of swans and cygnets - 2016

First family of 2016


Abbotsbury Swannery Willow Maze aerial picture

Family of swans and cygnets

A family of swans and cygnets

Close up swan

Close up of a young swan, beginning to form white feathers and orange beak

Swan on nest

Reeds from the site make up the nests for swans

Wheelbarrow 1

An impatient swan gets to the wheelbarrow of wheat first during feeding

Wheelbarrow 2

Swans are fed wheat during mass feeding sessions at 12pm and 4pm

Cygnets pair

A pair of cygnets

Cygnet tray

Families of cygnets get their own pen

Swan cygnet back 2

A swan with a cygnet on its back

Mass feeding

Visitors can join in the mass feeding at 12pm and 4pm

Swan relaxing

There are plenty of sheltered spots for swans to escape the crowds!


There are hundreds of swans at Abbotsbury


It's not just swans that you can see at Abbotsbury Swannery...

Swan cygnet back

A swan tending to a cygnet on its back

Swan neck

One swan pokes its neck above a mass of others during feeding


A panorama of the Swannery, with head swanherd Dave Wheeler talking to visitors

Wildlife photographers

Abbotsbury Swannery is a haven for wildlife photographers!