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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens closed until further notice
Click here to read our full Coronavirus statement, a full list of what is and is not available, and any updates.

New Plant List

We don’t produce an annual printed catalogue any more –  it proved impossible to keep it up to date as plants came and went so quickly during the season.

However now we have this new website we thought it would be helpful to put a regular list of what we have growing on the Nursery online so you can see what is available. For speeds sake it is just a simple list but full descriptions of all the items on it are easy to find via the web. It will be updated regularly with any new additions or items sold out. It may develop into a fully descriptive list when there is time in the winter ‘off season’!

As it says on the list please do check with us before coming a long way to pick up any particular plant – we are a small nursery and many items are grown in low numbers only or sell out quickly during the summer. The nursery can always be contacted at  for up to the minute availability, descriptions and advice.

The list is a PDF so feel free to download it to read at leisure.

Plant List May ’15

Of course there are lots of other things available in the Plant Centre such as the Ferns that are grown for us by local specialists.

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  1. Hi
    I am looking for a Camelia Sinensis plant (Tea Plant) could you please let me know if you sell this plant at the garden centre or indeed post plants?

    Many thanks

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